Participate in “Confrontation” Motion Poster Exhibition at Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU)

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Communication Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design Department of postgraduate students from different countries, took up the issue as a project in Cyprus confrontation with visual communication design perspective.


Walter Benjamin’s “of the problems experienced in the past century, as a result of the war, the modern world has fallen into a crisis and this crisis shows that none of the storytelling as the main reason.” Based on the promise confrontation as a way to re-establish the common experience of life lost in Cyprus, the most important factor as the leading way on the assumption the need to mobilize the memory project in visual storytelling and being able to face transformed into moving poster.


Product appeared in the last half century to reflect on imposing pain experienced in Cyprus, to try to understand, live in / reach there and to place the memory of those stories were addressed in the first place. To find a trace of pain in this context Sevgul wounded journalist who spent many years of labor experience Uludag, students need to Cyprus held a comprehensive seminar described the disaster as well as Greek Cypriots living in Turkey.


The product of a long-term effort that mobile posters-date and historians as well başvurmadan- Benjamin’s “Magical memory somehow pass us to act” designed through.


June 24, 2015 Wednesday, at 11: 00, The Department of Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design Department Exhibition Platform in Iran in this special exhibition, which opens an hour, Jordan, Cameroon, Cyprus, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Nigerian 20 ‘ The work of the students also will meet with the audience more